3 Essential Things To Know Before Pruning An Oak Tree

Whether you have planted them yourself or have moved into a home with multiple on your property, oak trees are definite statements in any landscape design. Not only are they strong and durable, but their massive heights and lifespans of over 300 years ensure these oak trees will be around for multiple generations. Of course, proper care of these trees is crucial if you want them to be appealing and healthy.

Just Bought A Home? Grow Trees With Future Wants And Needs In Mind

Buying a turnkey property makes it easy to move in and get settled in because the only thing that you must worry about is bringing your possessions and setting everything up in the home. But, you may have recently bought a home that has most of what you want and need. This gives you room to work on projects that will meet your family's needs immediately and in the future.

Signs Your Tree May Need To Be Examined By An Arborist

If a tree in your yard doesn't seem as healthy as it once did, you should think about calling an arborist to take a look at it. When problems are found early enough, it's often possible to save a tree. However, if a tree can't be saved, then it should be removed before it becomes a hazard on your property. Here are some signs that your tree may need the help of an arborist.

Keys To A Tick-Free Yard

Ticks are a major problem in some areas, especially in regions where Lyme disease is prevalent. It can be a real bummer to have a beautiful yard but no way to enjoy it because the tick population is out of control. Fortunately, you can fight back. The following are the three keys to enjoying a yard free of ticks. Key #1: Improve your landscape Landscaping is the most important key to tick control.

3 Vital Tree Care Steps That You May Be Neglecting

Do you own your own house? Are there one or more trees growing on the property? If you're like many people, you probably give little thought to your trees. They simply exist, and you occasionally admire them for their shade-giving properties. But while trees can stand to be ignored for a while, they aren't completely maintenance free. You don't need to trim them on a weekly basis like you have to do with your lawn, but there are still things that either you need to do or you need to hire someone else to do.

Weed-Free Lawn Tips

With spring comes new beginnings -- which is often just the thing if you are hoping for a green lawn this year. Yet, weeds also take advantage of the new beginnings of spring to invade your lawn. The following tips can help you avoid this problem and get your lawn off to a healthy start. Tip #1: Dethatch and reseed The first key to fewer weeds is making sure the grass can thrive, since weeds will quickly take advantage of any bare or sparse spots in the lawn.