Tips For Trimming Trees In Winter

Trimming in the winter will rejuvenate your trees and make them healthier and more fruitful in the spring. The sap in trees is relatively inactive during the winter and any cuts you make are less likely to bleed. This makes winter trimming gentler on your trees. Whether you decide to trim your trees yourself or hire a professional. Here are some things you should know to ensure that you or the person you hire does a good job.

4 Tips To Help You With Trimming The Trees On Your Property

As a homeowner, trimming the trees on your property is highly important not only to maintain a beautiful curb appeal and desirable landscaping, but also to keep pests at bay and prevent property damage to your home and your neighbor's. To help you make tree trimming a bit easier, here are four tips to consider: 1. Trim at the Right Time: When it comes to trimming the trees on your property, you need to do so at the right time.

Stumped By That Stump? Tips To Assist With Utilizing It Or Eliminating It

If there is a large tree stump on your property that you consider to be an eyesore, the following tips will assist with utilizing it or eliminating it altogether. Create A Planter Create a planter to hold some of your favorite varieties of flowering plants. Use a permanent marker to mark the outline of the desired planter on the top of the tree trunk. Cut into the outline with a pick axe.

Treat A Beetle Infestation On A Young Maple Tree

If you have a young maple tree growing on your property that has wilted, browning leaves due to a beetle infestation, eliminate the pests and prune the tree's branches by completing the steps below. As the tree continues to flourish, maintain its appearance by pruning its branches as needed. Materials ​rubber gloves protective eyewear power drill  drill bit pesticide injection kit funnel ladder pruning shears wheelbarrow rake water hose ​Eliminate And Prevent Pests