Making Every Cut A Good One: Tree Trimming Tips

What is the difference between a good tree trimming session and a not-so-good one? While the branches you choose to remove do make a difference, one of the biggest differentiators is the cuts themselves. Cuts that are made properly are better for the tree, result in a shorter healing time, and are less likely to lead to tree health issues later on. So, in the world of tree trimming, what makes for a good cut? Here are the primary factors.

Clean Shears

A cut made with clean shears is a safe cut. Trees, much like humans, can contract diseases if certain pathogens are introduced to their inner tissues through cuts. So, a set of clean shears is not just one that looks clean, but it is one that has been properly sanitized. You can sanitize your shears by wiping them down with some alcohol pads before using them. Be sure to re-sanitize them between trees so you don't risk spreading diseases from one tree to another. 

Sharp Shears

Have you ever tried to cut bread with a dull knife? It probably ripped and tore the bread more than it cut, right? Dull shears will do the same thing to your tree branches. Cuts made with dull shears are hard for the tree to heal. Those made with sharp shears will leak less sap and heal a lot faster. You can have your shears sharpened at most hardware stores. People often do this once a year right before they trim their trees.

Swift Cuts

When you cut a tree branch, aim to do so in one swift movement. You may have to apply more pressure to the shears than you'd think. Start with some thinner branches, if possible. These are easier to cut and will give you an idea of how much force you need to use to cut the branches. You don't want to cut halfway through and then have to saw to finish the cut, as this will leave frayed and hard-to-heal edges. If you're not strong enough to cut through the bigger branches in one swoop, consider asking a stronger friend to help you with these ones.

With the tips above, you can make every cut a good one. Your tree will thank you for the excellent trim. Remember, though, if you struggle to cut every branch well, you may be better off hiring a tree trimming service to do this work for you.

For more information, contact a tree trimming service, such as A + A Tree & Landscaping LLC