How Do You Know A Tree Is Dead And Needs To Be Removed?

You'll commonly hear the advice that you should have dead and dying trees removed to prevent them from falling on or dropping branches on your property. This is good advice. But how do you know which trees are dead or dying? Look out for these signs, and contact a tree removal service if you notice any of them.

There are fungal bodies growing from its trunk or roots.

Trees can survive mild fungal infections. But once the fungi start invading the vascular tissues of the tree, there's not much hope for survival. Generally, once the fungi make their way this deep, you'll see fruiting bodies starting to emerge from the trunk and any exposed roots. These fungal bodies look like mushrooms, but they are actually called brackets. The wood of trees with brackets tends to be soft and spongy, which means it's important to remove these trees before they collapse on their own.

Multiple branches are not growing leaves.

If you're examining the tree during spring, summer, or early fall, you can look at its leaf pattern. If there are a few small branches without leaves, this is usually not a major reason for concern. But if multiple large branches are without leaves, or if more branches tend to be lacking leaves than growing leaves, this is often a sign that the tree, as a whole, is on its way out.

There's a large split in the trunk.

If a big branch splits, a tree care company can often either remove that branch or secure it with a combination of braces and straps. But if the trunk of the tree cracks, that tree is going to suffer. If its branches are not already dying, they will probably start to die soon. The crack will interfere with the tree's ability to transport water and nutrients to its leaves, leading to its eventual demise. Since the crack could widen at any time, putting the tree at risk of falling, it is generally best to have trees with cracked trunks removed sooner rather than later — even if they're still green and leafy.

Hopefully, this article has familiarized you with some of the key signs that a tree is dying or dead. If you're not sure, you can still call your local tree care company. They'll send someone out to take a look and tell you whether you should have the tree removed. 

For more information, contact tree removal services near you.